New Member Orientation
At the Y, we are here for you every step of the way.  Whether you are new to the Y, or just want to learn more, our wellness staff will show you ways to improve your workouts.  Talk with one of our staff to set up an orientation. During the orientation we will be able to show you how to set up the cardio and weight machines safely.


Change of Credit Card/ Bank/ Personal Information
Please immediately notify us of any credit card, bank or account change by completing a change form located at the front desk.  Also, please advise us of any change of address, email and/or phone number.


Returned Bank Drafts
Returned drafts will leave you with a past due balance.  Please note, to avoid further bank charges your membership will be terminated if balance is not cleared promptly.


Membership Renewal
A renewal notice will be mailed to you approximately one month prior to your expiration date.  Note, memberships that are paid monthly by bank draft will not require a renewal notice and are continuous until cancellation.


Membership Cancellations
Membership dues paid through monthly bank draft requires a 30 day notice prior to draft date. Members must complete a cancellation form at the YMCA.